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The key to conquering the sales game is winning the top-of-funnel battles; the battle for awareness, the battle for eyeballs and above all, the battle for foot traffic. So how do you maximise foot traffic? You don’t wait for the market to visit your brand, you bring your brand to the market.

At Conquest Staging Australia we give you the tools to dominate top of funnel.

What we deliver

Leading Stages
Interactive Customer Discovery Interface
Brand Tour Management

Full Logistics Management

Location Management Services
Data & Analytics Capture and Reporting

Our Conquest Stages

Our Conquest Stages are unique in the market. They are designed specifically to provide brands with the required infrastructure to not only create large-scale awareness in high foot-traffic areas but to also enable interaction with potential conquest customers and deliver dynamic messaging.


  • Professional staging infrastructure to display your product out-of-home
  • 6 x Digital screens to enable dynamic messaging
  • 2 x Discovery Stations designed to deliver a true interactive experience for shoppers
  • Lead Generation pathways integrated into on-stage software
  • On-stage styling elements to ensure your brand ‘s CI compliance is achieved

Our LeadGEN Interface

Our Conquest Stages are equipped with our ultra- intuitive software and infrastructure that delivers two key outcomes. First, via the stage’s Discovery Stations, visitors can discover targeted information on the most commonly asked top-of-funnel questions. From there, our interface is designed so that each time a shopper requests information, there is an opportunity to turn this information request into a lead for your brand.

Our software enables shoppers, with one simple click, to discover the following:

  • Key Facts (Pricing, safety ratings, fuel consumption, service intervals etc)
  • Colour Configurator
  • Finance offers
  • Redeem a promo offer
  • Book a test-drive
  • Request an appointment/brochure 

How we activate your brand


CentaCAR is our simplest and most cost effective solution for brands wanting to activate within a shopping centre. Our team take a mid-term centre lease within Australia’s leading shopping Centres, then create a purpose-built auto display site. We then offer brands a two-week slot to be able to use this display site to independently showcase their products, all at an extremely cost effective rate.

To see our upcoming CentaCAR activation please click here.

Rental Services

We offer our conquest stages on short, mid and long-term rental programmes for all major markets in Australia.

Custom Builds

If your brand requires their very own Conquest Stage, we can build you a fully functioning platform that meets all your brand’s needs and CI requirements. Our stages are Australian made ensuring not only high quality but also quick turnaround times.

Turn-Key Brand Tours

We offer turn-key solutions for brands wishing to work with the dealer partners to activate out-of-home within their PMA’s. We service all major markets around the country.

Bespoke Activations

We work together with your brand to create an end-to-end solution for a completely unique out-of-home activation. From concept development to location management, logistics, reporting and communication strategy, we take care of it all.

We are aware that out-of-home activations can not only be extremely difficult to execute but also, they can traditionally be price prohibitive. To solve this issue, Conquest Staging has created its CentaCAR concept – a concept that sees a central activation site created within a major shopping centre, with brands then taking it in turns to use this activation space, thereby dramatically decreasing the cost and effort for each individual brand.

Our team goes into Australia’s leading shopping centres and then creates a fully integrated activation site. The site is designed with a comprehensive digital structure, that allows it to change from one brand’s CI to another, with the click of a mouse, thereby enabling multiple brands to independently use.

About us

Our roots lie in three
generations of traditional retail.

Our roots lie in three generations of traditional retail. It was in this environment that we witnessed the rapid change of customer shopping habits, needs and desires.
We believe that physical retail is now at the precipice of a new chapter where brands will help fill their sales funnels with fresh opportunities by creating high-impact, short-term retail activations in high-traffic areas.
Our quest is to open this new era of retail to brands by providing a frictionless solution to executing premium retail activations in a first-class environment and on a highly cost-efficient basis.
Our solution is the Conquest Stage.

We believe that physical retail is now at the precipice of a new chapter where brands will help fill their sales funnels with fresh opportunities by creating high-impact, short-term retail activations in high-traffic areas.

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